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Authors Philip Miller & Molly Devon

Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns's #1 Best Seller in Alternative Sexuality How-To category.

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Author Laura Antoniou

The Marketplace
The Slave

The Trainer
The Academy; Tales of the Marketplace
The Reunion
Book 5 in The Marketplace Series!
The Catalyst and Other Works

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Author V. M. Johnson

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To Love, To Obey, To Serve
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The Catalyst and Other Works is a collection of Laura Antoniou's writing, including the stories The Catalyst (obviously) and Brian on the Farm. Not to be missed, this collection shows off some of Antoniou's best writing!

Praise for The Catalyst
Hot Talk: "a frankly honest yet impassioned exploration of SM play between adults discovering it for the first time." "In a world of melodramatic, highly nonconsensual and frankly improbable plots and characters, The Catalyst is a refreshing change."

Prometheus: "Covers just about every sexual combination you've ever fantasized about, and then some. This is definitely one-handed material."

The Academy- Photo
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The fourth book in the Marketplace series.  Taking up where The Trainer left off, as Chris Parker and dozens of other Trainers journey to Okinawa for the annual meeting of Trainers and Spotters, this book explores both the strict, hidden order behind the men and women who train the exquisite Marketplace slaves and the mysteries behind the life of Mr. Parker himself.

In an entirely new form of literature, The Academy is a full length novel incorporating independent short stories written by Guest Authors.  Karen Taylor, Cecilia Tan, Michael Hernandez, david stein and M. Christian delve into the world of the Marketplace and turn up tales of power, sex, and surrender, the kinds of stories Trainers tell each other to inspire, teach. . .or warn.

What is Chris Parker's mission during this Academy, and why is the Trainer of Trainers, Anderson, not there? Who are the top slave Trainers in the world, and how do they work? Will Michael LaGuardia, now in service as a junior trainer, ever understand the essence of submission or ownership? In addition, in a special novelette begun for this book, when did Chris Parker first meet Anderson, and how did he enter the Marketplace?

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THE MARKETPLACE   (back to top)

"Compelling, charged with electricity . . ."   - Kitty Tsui

The first volume in the landmark Marketplace series, the series that set the standard for contemporary SM erotica.  After Sharon, Brian, Claudia, and Robert are accepted for training by Marketplace representatives, they struggle to overcome their shortcomings; pride, selfishness, immaturity and perfectionism.   Who among them will survive the training meted out by the rigorous and unrelenting Chris Parker?  And who will uncover the truth of his or her own sexual need to submit?

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THE REUNION (back to top)

In The Reunion, two of the most popular characters in the The Marketplace series are re-united. Robin (The Slave, Book Two in the Marketplace Series), recently released from her contract, meets her old trainer Chris Parker on a trip to Ireland where they will join dozens of other slaves for a week at a centuries-old Castle (now 4-star hotel), at a Marketplace-sponsored Reunion.

For Robin, now a veteran slave, the week at Kaleigh Castle will give her time to consider whether she is ready to return to the auction block. During the Reunion, she will meet slaves from all walks of life, as well as their spouses, significant others, and even children. Some of her new friends are also struggling with their own futures, whether they are still in the Marketplace, retired, or returning to service.

As for Chris, it will be a trip back in time to a place where he learned many of the skills that made him so valuable to the Marketplace. But never completely on holiday, he hopes to meet with a handsome young Earl and his millionaire American bride, whose talents for slave-training have gained them special attention. . . including the attention of a nosy tabloid reporter, who is hoping for the biggest story of his career -- a real-life international slave trading ring.

The Slave - photo
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THE SLAVE       (back to top)

"There's a new voice in S/M fiction these days, and none too soon . . .  Thank goodness [Laura Antoniou] has exploded onto the scene!"  - Kate Bornstein

The second volume in the Marketplace series, the landmark series that set the standard for contemporary SM erotica. The Slave describes the experiences of Robin, an exceptionally sensitive submissive who longs to join the ranks of those who have proven themselves worthy of entry into the sexual training ground of the Marketplace. Follow Robin as she is educated in the arts of submission and service by the meticulously ethical Chris Parker, the person in whom she will confide her deepest sexual secrets.

The Trainer- photo
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THE TRAINER       (back to top)

"This is domination and submission at its best - a very well-written work that holds from page to page . . ."  - Shiny International

In the third book of the Marketplace series, would-be trainer and spotter for the Marketplace, Michael LaGuardia, learns there is more to the art of commanding respect than meets the eye.  Moreover, iconoclastic master trainer Chris Parker doesn't seem to appreciate Michael's potential.  What can he do to get his attention?  What does Michael really want from Chris?  And when will Chris finally divulge his long-hidden sexual secret?

Dhampir - photo
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DHAMPIR:  CHILD OF THE BLOOD       (back to top)

Vampyres walk amongst us.  Here, for perhaps the first time in this century, a vampyre of the Clan of Lilith invites us into her life through letters to her newly made "cub" and to those she calls her "food."  In Dhampir, Child of the Blood, the myths come alive, but they are not as one expects from the myriad fictional accounts.   You will see what it means to become Vampyre, what they endure, what they sacrifice and why, how a vampyre feeds, hunts and how they feel when the "beast" is upon them.  Courageously, Johnson uses her real name, discusses real people and events and passes on to us the history, legends and wisdom of The Clan of Lilith handed down by her sire when he made her.  Frank, explicit letters from a mother to a daughter about life and survival as one of the newest members of the vampyre Clan of Lilith.

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The Romance and Sexual Sorcery of Sadomasochism         (back to top)

"Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns is about enhancement of the human sexual experience through the use of restraints and disciplined applications of tactile sensations. It is a gentle and experienced guide taking the reader from the introduction of the principles of S/M to step-by-step instructions on how to apply and receive 'discipline'... Dominants and Submissives practicing within the guidelines of Philip Miller and Molly Devon in this book can find a safe and rewarding way to make reality of their fantasies."
Dr. Wm. Granzig, President, The American Board of Sexology

A thorough guide to sadomasochism by two experienced players. This unabashed, entertaining book strips away myth, shame, and fear revealing the truth about an intense form of eroticism too long misunderstood and condemned. It is fully indexed and includes over 225 photos and illustration, a 250-plus word glossary, appendices with contacts for SM related clubs, stores, craftspeople, computer BBS, and literature.

To Love, To Obey, To Serve - photo
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TO LOVE, TO OBEY, TO SERVE         (back to top)

Within these pages are the real life experiences of an extraordinary woman as recorded in her journal. Vi Johnson is one of the most loved and respected women in the leather community. She entered the Leather s/m scene in the 1970's, as a slave. A slave's duty was to Love, Honor, Please, and OBEY, sometimes blindly, often at great personal cost. To own or live the life of a full time slave is, and has been, the stuff of s/m fantasies and erotic stories. The life recorded here reveals that realities, which are quite different from the fantasies. Most of all this is the journey of a woman following her dream.