Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns

Table of Contents Outline and Overview

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Chapter 1: Gee, Toto, I don't think we are in Kansas anymore

This chapter shows what sadomasochism is and what it is not. It details the difference between SM and abuse, describes some of the basic SM terminology, and provides a foundation for understanding SM.


Chapter 2: Sexual Magic

Here, you will learn how and why SM works. The fundamental principles of SM are; trust and communication, talking about fantasies, dominance and submission, learning to arouse your partner's body and mind and how to use anticipation. Advanced topics covered are; conditioning, visualization, and sensory relocation.


Chapter 3:   The Politics of Really Strange Bedfellows

This chapter help you form sensible SM relationships, avoid dangerous liaisons and situations, and answers the following questions: What qualities should I look for in an SM partner? Where does one find the perfect partner? How can I be sure I'm meeting someone safe to play with? What is the etiquette in the SM scene?


Chapter 4: "You want to worship my WHAT???"

This chapter is devoted to negotiation. Everyone has unique roles, fantasies, and expectations for their SM play. Successful players know how to negotiate with their partners to provide a common ground prior to play. Negotiation can also help break the ice in new relationships. Safewords and levels of power exchange are also discussed here and there are samples of contracts and a pre-scene negotiation questionnaire.


Chapter 5:   Straight Facts and Bent Phalluses

This chapter deals with sexual attitudes that work and that don't work in SM relationships. Both male and female perspectives are considered and there are suggestions for busting the barriers between the two.


Chapter 6:  Non-Government Sanctioned Sex and Torture

This chapter describes advanced sexual techniques and practices including; anal play, vaginal and penile sex toys, enemas, fisting, clips, clamps, and clothespins, fire and ice, electro-torture, cutting, and some of the tricks that pull it all together.


Chapter 7:  Get Them By the Balls; Their Hearts and Minds Will Follow

Here you will learn the basics of bondage; planning, bondage safety, ten basic rules of bondage, and emergency quick release. There is also a suggested agenda for introducing a novice to bondage.


Chapter 8:  Of Humane Bondage

This chapter gets down to the nitty-gritty of bondage. Topics include; selecting rope, finishing rope ends, knots, release, simple wrist and ankle bondage's, breast bondage, the oriental rope dress, rope alternatives, gags, wrist and ankle cuffs, blindfolds, hoods, and more.


Chapter 9:  Philip's Philosophy of Phlogging Phun

Chapter nine discusses the philosophy of corporal "punishment". Topics include; environment, positioning, mixing bondage with whipping, how to progress through a corporal scene, Philip's Ten Commandments of Flagellation, marking, and preparing the skin.


Chapter 10: When the Inner Child Deserves a Spanking

Chapter ten is a series of tutorials for various corporal techniques including; where to, and not to, hit, spanking, paddling, face slapping, and flogging with the cat-style whip. Also discussed are caning and cropping, and a tutorial on the bullwhip by noted expert, Robert Dante.


Chapter 11:  It's Only Pain, Dear, and It's Only Yours

Pain is the single most frightening aspect of SM play. Here we discuss why players use it, how it works in lovemaking and the many facets of pain play including flying and endorphin highs. Can pain really be translated to pleasure? Sure! Read how.


Chapter 12:  Making the Upper Cheeks Red

Next to pain, embarrassment and humiliation are the two most difficult aspects of SM play for the uninitiated to understand. How can these things possibly be erotic? Here we discuss how players use embarrassment, anxiety, and humiliation to build up rather than tear down, and how these techniques can lead to growth and self-discovery.


Chapter 13:   Furnishing Your Dungeon

The last chapter shows you how to equip your play area whether you live in a castle, a house, or an apartment. Shown here are the many types of whips, bondage, and sex gear sold in fetish stores all over the world. But you needn't spend a fortune to be a deviant in good standing, you'll read how to use common objects to enhance your play and you'll find plans for SM toys that can be made at home.


Glossary -Our glossary defines over 250 SM related terms.
Appendix A:- Clubs, Organizations, & BBS List
Appendix B: - Stores and Artisans
Our appendices contain contacts for over 650 SM related clubs, stores, computer BBS, and literature.

Index : Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns is fully indexed for ease of use as a reference.

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