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By including Mystic Rose Books in your conference, you are guaranteed not only an exciting erotic reading, but qualified, experienced presenters on a variety of topics related to the s/m, fetish, and dominant/submissive relationships.

Laura Antoniou                    Molly Devon                    Vi Johnson

Laura Antoniou - is an out leatherdyke who is best known in the erotically alternative community for her Marketplace series (The Marketplace, The Slave, The Trainer, The Academy and The Reunion), regarded as the "SM fiction of choice among pansexuals" by the editor of SM Classics.  Antoniou has also had great success as an editor, creating the groundbreaking Leatherwomen anthologies as well as other collections related to SM, dominance and submission.  Her erotic short stories and essays about s/m have appeared in dozens of anthologies and magazines. 

Antoniou has been a featured speaker and presenter at the University of Washington (where her essay, Unsafe at Any Speed was first presented), and at Columbia University, the New School, and New York University.  Antoniou has also been a featured panelist and workshop presenter at leather, s/m, lesbian, and writers' conferences throughout the United States. 

Examples of Presentations:
Service-Oriented Submission
*NEW* Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want
*NEW* Tops are from Gor, Bottoms are from Roissy
*NEW* Whatever YOU Want: The Lifestyle of a Pleasure Slave
*NEW* Developing a Personal Protocol
*NEW* The Marketplace Academy Weekend
For Your Own Good:  Enforcing Protocol with Punishment
The Way of It: Establishing and Maintaining Protocol Within Relationships
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Molly Devon - is an author, artist, publisher, and leatherwoman.  Her involvement in the leather community has given her the opportunity to take her wise-ass tendencies from devoted amateur to full-time professional.  In 1991, Molly met Philip Miller at the Dressing for Pleasure Gala, and in the midst of their dominant/submissive relationship, they wrote and published Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns: The Romance and Sexual Sorcery of Sadomasochism, now in its ninth printing and hailed as one of the most popular and accessible introductions to sadomasochism.  Her co-writer, Philip Miller, passed away in 1998.

Molly has been a featured speaker and presenter at regional and national conferences on topics ranging from publishing to rope bondage.

Examples of Presentations:
Submission versus Slavery
Rope Bondage Dresses
Erotic Publishing

Vi Johnson - is a beloved figure in the leather community.  A forty-something year old leatherwoman and vampire, she has been out of the closet and active for over two decades as an activist, writer, and educator.  She is slave and wife of Jill Carter, 1996 International Ms. Leather, and husband to Queen Cougar.  The Triad was honored by the Pantheon of Leather "Couple of the Year" award in 1998.  She has been dubbed "mother" by a whole generation of leather men and women.  Her diary has been published as To Love, To Obey, To Serve.  Vi has also published Dhamphir: Child of the Blood, a collection of letters written to her newly made "cub" about life and survival as one of the members of the vampyre Clan of Lilith.

In addition to being recognized with the 2000 Pantheon of Leather award, Vi also received lifetime achievement awards in 1995 from both the Pantheon of Leather and the National Leather Association, the first person to be honored by both of these organizations in one year.  She has been featured in many community periodicals, including Drummer, The Leather Journal, 2002, Passion, Black Leather in Color, and The Link.

Vi has been presenting workshops since 1989 on a variety of s/m, leather, and fetish-related topics from the use of the bullwhip to lifestyle relationship issues. 

Examples of Presentations:
Old Guard Leather
Lifestyle Slavery
S/M Relationships